Can Garment Steamer Ruin Clothes? An insight on Garment Steamer.

Can-Garment-Steamer-Ruin-Clothes-An-insight-on-Garment-Steamer. warmexhomeappliances

Other day a friend of mine wore a fabulous gown to a party, and as I compliment the beautiful dress and asked if it was hard to clean, she replied “No, I simply steam it”.

I was a bit confused and honestly a bit interested in knowing more about the know-how of the garment steamer. All I knew was it worked for ironing clothes but to my surprise, it was way more than just a cloth wrinkle remover.

So today let’s discuss the uses and benefits of owning a garment steamer and how it can truly make a difference.

What is steaming?

Steaming or steam cleaning refers to the use of heated water vapors for de-wrinkling, deodorizing, and eliminating bacteria on the fabric. Steam cleaning can help sanitize several different surfaces like carpets, glass, and even car interiors.

Most laundry houses use steam cleaning for flawless cleaning. It helps in treating clothes without any chemicals or bleach resulting in the best outcome. To enable steam cleaning all your need to do is add water to the device's water storage tank and press the power button to do the magic.

At times it can be a little tricky to properly use the garment steamer, especially during the warm summer season. Many Garment steamers come with an auto regulator that can sense the surrounding climate and accordingly adjust the temperature.

Garment steamers are quite flexible and easy to use on different fabrics. Simply push a button and the steam will automatically start flowing. Hold the steamer in your dominant hand and hold the cloth end from your other hand and let the steamer do the trick.

The Hindside of garment steamers!

One can steam clean almost any surface, yet it has certain limitations. Steam cleaning carpets, curtains, or sofas are quite common, still, fabric like Velour or Velvet is a strict no-no for steam cleaning. One may claim those fabrics are not much in demand or comes out rarely, yet if you have any super comfortable blanket or nighttime pajamas then you must avoid those clothes from steam cleaning.

You may also avoid any surface with plastic or wax coating from steam cleaning. Do make sure that small elements on your dress like buckles/buttons are steam safe and won't harm your fabulous dress for the evening. If a design or pattern on your t-shirt looks glossy or has a rubber print, then avoid steaming it as heat can melt it. Heat vapors can lead sued fabric to shrink, so avoid steam cleaning suede fabric.

Follow the Guidelines.

Garment steamers are versatile and suitable for different surfaces, still, before using a steamer on your wearables, check out the label for instructions. Likely, you don’t care much about the labeling and tags on your clothes, yet one quick glance at them can save your garments from damage and wear and tear.

For your reference, you may spray clean your clothing with chemicals and then steam press over it. One may mistakenly use the steamer like a traditional iron or add any cleaning agent like detergent inside the garment steamer. One may steam out their delicate clothing with extra vigor. All the said scenarios are a great recipe to ruin both your clothes and the garment steamer. Kindly avoid doing so!

It’s time to Steam!

Know that you understand how a garment steamer works, it's time to steam out all the dust and wrinkles from your clothes. Warmex Home Appliances offers a wide range of garment steamers to meet all your expectations. If you are a garment exporter, traveler, hostel owner, or house manager, we have got you covered.

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