5 Easy to Prep Beverages Using Electric Kettle

5-Easy-to-Prep-Beverages-Using-Electric-Kettle warmexhomeappliances

You might be fleeting through your modern lifestyle or enjoying your winters at your dream destination, Warmex Home Appliances Electric Kettle might be an excellent device to fulfill your daily hustle. Many misconstrued electric kettles with only boiling water, but to their surprise, an electric kettle can do much more. Electric kettles are suitable for brewing various beverages with ease. Let’s shed light on some of the easy-to-prep beverages using an electric kettle.

Irrespective of whether you have a Warmex Home Appliances electric kettle or any other brand kettle, knowing these five electric kettle hacks can make your life even better. So, let's discuss how you can make the best out of an electric kettle.

Friends Chai Pi Lo (Friends have some tea)

In India chai (Tea) is amongst the most desired beverage, and honestly even I can never resist a cup of tea myself, well moving on… You may prefer English tea or maybe you are a fan of masala chai (masala tea), or a cup of black tea, your electric kettle can make it all. Electric kettles use electricity to heat an element plate that rapidly boils liquid making it an instant heating device. It honestly saves a lot of time and energy. As the water inside your kettle boils, simply add a bag or a scoop of tea to it, and voila you are good to go.


Electric kettle serves all beverage devotees, so it can never let go of our caffeine lovers. Yes, rest assured that the electric kettle can come in handy to serve all your caffeine requirements. Whether you prefer a hot brew or maybe you are a fan of French press coffee, the Warmex Boil and Serve electric kettle can do it all and makes it the best morning companion for a fresh start to the day.  

Instant Cup Noodles

Instant noodles are among the highly demanded comfort foods for college students and we understand that the late-night 2 PM craving for food can drive you nuts at times, so worry not Warmex Electric Kettle is here to quench your cravings instantly. Chop out some onions and veggies, and add them to the instant noodles cup. Now simply pour in hot boiling water from your electric kettle and stir it for 2 minutes. Add the spices satchel and dive into your prepped noodles.

Hot Cocoa

Winters is upon us and who does not prefer a cup of hot cocoa? Chocolate is notably the best dessert that anyone would prefer as no other sweets are so divine and pure. So, if you are set to bring in you’re A game, then an electric kettle can come in handy. Add some chocolate powder to pre-heated hot water and give a nice stir. You may add some marshmallows and drip in a splash of warm milk and enjoy a lovely beverage to beat the chill.


Hell yeah! You heard it right now staying on your fat-loss diet is way easy than you ever imagined. P.S. I know you just read how to prep hot chocolate above, well we know you need to maintain your diet right… hmm moving on. You can prepare any type of oats using Warmex Electric Kettle, whether it be healthy oats or honey cereals for evening snaking you can do it all. Instant oats cook well in hot water, so first add some water to your kettle and let it warm up, when the Warmex auto-cut feature comes to play you can ensure that water is heated to the right temperature, now add the pack of instant oats and cook it well in the hot boiling water. Give it a nice stir and you are good to go. Yes, it's that easy.

Electric kettles are cost-effective and do not require flammable resources like LPG, kerosene, or gas. It’s safe to use as Warmex Electric Kettles are comprised of quality insulated material to protect against any shock or burn. Feel free to visit our website or simply head to our Amazon Store to check out the wide range of Warmex Home Appliances that meets all your requirements.



Check out these 5 easy to make beverages using Warmex Electric Kettle. Do visit our official website or our Amazon Store to know more about our products.