Warmex No Burn & One Temperature Steam Iron

Warmex OTSI-2200

One Temperature Steam Iron is the best product for all your ironing needs. Featuring advanced steam technology, this iron delivers powerful bursts of steam to easily remove wrinkles, creases, and stubborn folds from various fabrics. Its sensor-based heat detector enables burn free safety mode, making it perfect for both delicate garments and heavy-duty materials.

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Warmex PGS-09 Garment Steamer

PGS-09 is the best handheld garment steamer with versatile and efficient accessory that will revolutionize your ironing experience. With its compact and lightweight design, it is easy to handle and maneuver, making it perfect for both professional and home use. This garment steamer is equipped with a powerful heating element that quickly heats up, providing continuous steam for effective wrinkle removal. The steam penetrates deep into the fabric, relaxing the fibers and leaving your clothes looking fresh and crisp.
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Warmex Dry & Wet Grinder

The Warmex DWG 09 Dry & Wet Grinder has special design to ensure outflow of excess liquid from grinder. Rubber Feet prevent from moving and sliding. Accidental safety operation only pressing the lid from topside this mode will allow even easier to handle solid foods. Due to storage space you'll save cord in the kitchen.
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Very Useful

My parents were asking me for some heater and this one solved all our needs. Value for money so far working fine and solving our purpose.


Very pleased

I never thought of purchasing a room heater for my home, but as we welcomed our newborn baby girl, the chilling winters forced me to purchase a room heater, and honestly, I don’t regret my decision of choosing the Warmex room heater.It's safe and easy to use.

Ravinder Singhla

Love it so much

I love their PTC Fan Heater. I have been use the same item for around 5 years. And still it works perfectly! Brought one more for second room. It low sound and if light power is good then it makes room warm in 10 minutes.

Lalit Kumar

Good Product

I love baking, but my old OTG kept on overheating. My friend told me about the Warmex OTG oven which was much sturdier and more durable. I had my fair share of doubts in the beginning, but it's been more than 3 years and I have zero complaints, to say the least.


Highly Recommended

Their Products are amazing And they provide quick shipping which makes it even better. Highly Recommend Warmex to everyone


Super Satisfactory Product

My daughter is very health conscious and asks me to make different shakes for her dietary routine. I use a Warmex juicer mixer for my daily chores and it is like my helping hand in the kitchen.

Harshit Saxena

The aroma of fresh coffee brewing is amazing !!

First of all the customer support team is really helpful, they stay in touch with you throughout the time and this is a really nice coffee maker and makes coffee real quick. Retains coffee flavour nicely and fast brewing for 12 cups. The aroma and the taste using this maker was mind-blowing!! Simply an awesome product!! This is one of my best decision after comparing all the major brands.
Simply go for it with no second thoughts!!

Genuinely Powerful Steamer from Warmex!!!

This is a value-for-money product with a premium look.
It functions well. It was so easy to assemble and worked just as promised! steam in powerful mode, giving you wrinkle-free clothes within seconds. A large water tank and continuous steam ensure that you don’t need to refill again and again, Also Doesn’t spray out water or leak. It is super easy to use.
Overall the product is really up to the expectations and is highly recommended.

Unique Concept, Stellar Performance!

garment steamer is easy to use, quick, and offers portability. I used to press
my clothes on the table and had to stand for long hours. Now I can easily steam
my clothes and even my kids can do it for me.

Sushila Madan