Guide to choosing the best portable heater: Focus on your requirements

Guide-to-choosing-the-best-portable-heater-Focus-on-your-requirements warmexhomeappliances


Heaters are a necessity for every household during the chilling winter season. It becomes a necessity to pack oneself in a bulky blanket with hot cocoa to sip around during the peak winter season. Different indoor setup leads to a custom requirement for an ultimate heating solution. This makes it important to know your necessities and functions offered by a heater for the best winter solution. Let’s discuss some of the important requirements that a heater must fulfill before purchasing.

Different features offered by heaters

Convection heating

It refers to the heating effect caused when the heating elements warm air around it. Eventually, the hot air rises and cold air comes in contact with the heating source making a never-ending cycle. Eventually, the hot air gets cool and descends from its trajectory pushing air to create convection heating. Many convection heaters include an inbuilt fan to speed up the heating process and distribute air even further.

Radiant Heating

It is a specific heating mechanism that involves the heating of a thermal radiator. It requires zero air circulation to heat the room. Thermal radiation similarly depends on electromagnetic waves that light follows. Just consider a car parked in the sunlight. The sun, radiant energy travels on wavelengths that we are unable to see, but we can experience the car getting warm. Similarly, radiant heaters also work on the same principles creating a safe heating experience indoors.

Energy & Power Consumption

The output rate of portable heaters is measured in watts or kilowatts. With these markings, you can undermine the cost of operating a unit and the amount of demand it will lay on your electric supply. Many fan-based air heaters use CFM or cubic feet per minute ratings. Heaters with high cfm ratings can offer a better volume of air in less time.

Heating from Electricity

Modern portable room heaters generally rely on electricity as their prominent power source. It is effective in producing heat and does not emit any carbon emissions. Heaters that use gas, wood, or coal as a heating source are unsafe for the environment and even harm human health, making electric heaters a safe and secure alternative. Such heaters are usually developed for sustaining 120 volts to 15 amps which is suitable for indoor use like home, office, club, or institution.

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It is important to understand that electric personal room heaters depend on air currents to divert heat. It includes two coils or elements that generate heat energy that may not have similar efficacy. This makes fan-enforced heaters with high cfm ratings can lay off heat proficiently.

Combustion based Heating

Another category of heaters requires combustion to produce heat. Such heaters depend on resources like fuel, gas, and kerosene to produce heat. Combustion heaters are generally pocket friendly in comparison to electric heaters. Such heaters are suitable for mega structure heating, mainly for commercial use like large complexes, industries, or work plazas.

Different power resource emits different pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water vapor. This can result in poor indoor air quality and even lead to serious health hazards like death. Due to this reason, about every combustion-based portable heater is created to be fixed in well-ventilated commercial areas. It is recommended to avoid the installation of combustion-based heating in homes or any other residential areas.

Caution: When opting for a combustion heater, go through the guidelines and instructions printed on the packaging. It mainly denotes how to properly ensure ventilation and air circulation for avoiding any mishap.

Reaching a conclusion

Irrespective of available room heaters in the market focus on your requirements. What are your needs and what can fulfill your requirements? Before planning to buy a heater, undermine if you are looking to heat your indoor room space or outdoor working lounge, or if you are looking to warm up people who are passing by a certain area. When you have a clear outline of what you are looking for, then choose the portable heater that suits your requirements and meets your expectations in your planned budget. Do visit Warmex Home Appliances official website, or Amazon Store to select the best heater that can meet all your expectations.